These are a few of the photographs I took this summer of two railway stations on the Beirut-Damascus line. For the location of the stations, a map of the railway lines, and much more visit the excellent page dedicated to the railways in Lebanon on al-mashriq.

`Arayyah-Shweit Train Station:

Mrayjat Train Station:

Keywords: Lebanon, Ottoman, Trains, Train Stations, Railway, Beirut-Damascus, Shweet, Chweet, Shouit, Chouit, Arraya, Arrayah, Arayya, Mreijat, Mreijet, Murayjat, Dahr al-Baydar.

9 Responses to “train stations”

  1. Sietske Says:

    Thanks, it’s nice some people are noticing :) And cool pictures. It seems we’re hangin out in the same places. CHeck mine at

  2. […] of the railways in Lebanon and documentation of the existing sorry state. You can access it all here or, alternatively, by pursuing the “Photographs” link on the horizontal menu at the top […]

  3. Serpico Says:

    Wow very nice pics!!!! I would love to go visit this place! Thanks for bringing it out :)

  4. Ms. Tee Says:

    My pleasure, Serpico. Glad you enjoyed them.

  5. […] Tee also took those pictures of the Arayyah-Shweit Train […]

  6. […] some of the issues involved in re-establishing the line; also, be sure to check out Ms. Tee’s collection of photographs of old train stations. For an amazing collection of Lebanese railroad maps, photographs, and […]

  7. […] said, Elias has put up a post on ideas about public transportation, mostly ferries and railways, which I’d love to see but for which I won’t be holding my breath any time soon. In all […]

  8. […] coast from the northern Syrian border all the way to Haifa in Israel, and also extended up through Mount Lebanon. It linked up with the famous Hejaz Railway, which connected Damascus and Medina and was the […]

  9. […] De belles photos sur: […]

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