These photographs were taken in Ras Beirut over the course of two years (2006-2007). They are of official political slogans as well as improvised plays on them. Though the choice of political parties remains limited given the area, the photographs reveal a more general trend of easy slippages from political campaigning to marketing and back again. From loving Hariri to loving fish, the distance decreases as the appearance of sanctity crumbles before the overriding urge to move forward and “love life.”

The photograph name contains date and time information.

Keywords: Ras Beirut, Hamra, Ein Mreisseh, Hariri, Mustaqbal, Future Movement, Advertising, Billboards, Political, Campaign, Shopping, I Love Life, Civil Society, Opposition.

2 Responses to “slogans and ads”

  1. Suha Says:

    interesting pix. where are the 4th & 6th photo from? it looks so familiar but i don’t remember.

  2. Ms. Tee Says:

    Ah, good observation skills! At the intersection of Makdisi and Abdel Aziz. It is the billboard on the parking lot facing HSBC (British Bank sabiqan).

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