Born and raised in Beirut, I am currently roaming and writing my dissertation on the modern history of the Middle East. Although this blog is not directly linked to my research, it contains some translations and snippets from historical sources in the “from the archives” section.

You can contact me at google mail using the username: besidebeirut

8 Responses to “About Ms. Tee”

  1. hopefully one day we will meet … very interesting writing… keep blogging

  2. M. Says:

    Yes, I agree with MFL. Very interesting writing.

  3. adsabry Says:

    I’m one of the Arab bloggers trying to defend arab women rights,& trying to

    extend our community with arabs from around the world
    if u interested u can visit kolenalaila
    or contact me

  4. Cedar Says:

    Good evening!
    It’s really a very documented and rich mideast blog! go on!

  5. Ms. Tee Says:

    Will do, Cedar! Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Hey Ms. Tee,

    I just passed by your post @
    i was wondering if you’d be willing to participate in a film
    documentary about the religious issues in lebanon
    i will be in beirut from the 20th till the 27th of March
    thanks ;)

    keep blogging!

    i tried contacting your on your google username, its kept bouncing back
    please contact me @ the following address:

  7. Dania Says:

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  8. Dear Mr. Tee

    I am the Communications Officer at the British Embassy in Lebanon. Part of my work involved digital engagement on several social media. Our Ambassador Frances Guy is the first diplomatic blogger in Lebanon.

    I hope we can meet up and chat about blogging in Lebanon as it is an area am hoping to learn more about.

    My email:
    Mobile: 70 119098


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