First off, I apologize for the hiatus on this blog. Teaching responsibilities and other personal reasons have placed it on the back-burner for a while. Thanks for continuing to stop by. This hiatus has a particularly unfortunate timing given the fact that we, the Lebanese, are about to dramatically change the course of our history on June 7. It is true. I saw it on the advertising campaigns of the various parties!

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the elections this time round are the election campaign ads. A new era has been inaugurated by the Cedar Revolution. The musty, dime-a-dozen posters have lost their luster in the age of graphic and web designers. And as various fellow bloggers agree, Aoun’s FPM has had the most brilliant output. You can read more about these adventurous times on +961 and Remarkz, especially Bech’s post on campaigningBeirut/NTSC has extensive coverage that attempts to crack the code of campaign ads. For analysis of a different sort and interesting debates in the comments section, check out the indispensable and indefatigable Qifa Nabki, if you have not already.

More soon… inshallah.