As the number of Palestinian dead passes the 1000 mark, Israel’s logic behind Cast Lead sheds its ornamentation. Shimon Peres, president of Israel and Nobel peace prize winner, has let the cat out of the bag (“baqq al-bahsah”). He said many things today that are consistent with the logic of the rapist. The logic of “It is Hamas’s fault. They tempted us.” Plus a whole lot of philosophical issues. Commenting on the difficult images of Gaza on TV, for example, he said he understood that coverage cannot be balanced because the nervousness of one million Israelis cannot be shown on TV. Deep stuff. But the most relevant thing he said was this:

Our goal is to provide a strong blow to the people in Gaza so that they lose their appetite to continue to shoot at us. That’s it.

Cannot be any clearer. I first heard it on Norwegian TV, immediately followed by the reporter’s comment: “There is no doubt that the Palestinian inhabitants have received a strong blow.”

Norwegian TV is not mincing its words anymore. Oslo has already witnessed two protests that ended in violence and attempts to get at the Israeli embassy. Angry youth attacked the police with stones and fireworks and smashed shop windows in the center. Palestinian groups had to cancel all demonstrations until further notice. But more is expected at this Saturday’s demonstration, this time by the anti-racist, anarchist group Blitz. The few hundred pro-Israel supporters that turned up in front of parliament last week to wave their Israeli flags and sing romantically dare not hold another event in support of Israel.