Israel’s carte blanche with the Palestinians is so effective that the IDF need not be consistent with its lies anymore. Even Mark Regev, that paragon of civilized lies and diplomacy, seems to be losing confidence in his own utterances. Apparently, there is a recent version of the bombing on the UNRWA school in Jabalya Camp which took the lives of more than 40 of the refugees taking shelter there.

First, the IDF claimed that Hamas militants fired from within the school. When the UN disclosed that the IDF had the coordinates and knew there were civilians taking refuge there, the IDF produced a video to prove its claim. The video turned out to be from 2007.

Now there is a new, improved, and more elaborate version. The IDF claims that a mortar veered 30 meters off target, causing the carnage at the Fakhurah school. So much for “surgical strikes”.

Regev called this “a very extreme example of how Khamas operate.” The irony of this pronouncement is that it says more about how the IDF operate. But it is an interesting phenomenon when offenders, unwittingly, pronounce their own sentence.