It is remarkable how some media sources have been lapping up the myth of the humane Israeli army, always taking pains to spare civilian lives. In an effort to portray itself as a member of the civilized world, adhering to the ideals of the Enlightenment, Israel’s propaganda machine has been spreading far and wide news about how it warns the people of Gaza that it is going to strike before it strikes.

Do the journalists spreading this crap pose for thought? Pamphlets dropped from on high carry the standard text warning civilians to leave areas terrorists are operating from. What stops “the teghoghists” from leaving too? If the pamphlets are carried by the wind, do they fall in the place people are supposed to flee from or flee to? And finally, flee where if mosques, schools, ambulances, and homes are “teghoghist” hideouts? Flee where when one of the densest areas in the world is besieged by land, air, and sea?

But actions speak louder than words. Here is a family that decided to flee after the IDF kindly knocked on their door and told them to. They took refuge at their relatives’ home. An Israeli missile struck the relatives’ house killing 11 (including 5 children) and wounding 26 of the extended Samouni family (the total of dead children yesterday was 20, by the way). Here is another story about hundreds of people who decided to take refuge in a UN school. Perhaps like the Lebanese who died in Qana, they thought the UN had some sanctity. Boom. 42 of them, gone.

Bodies lay scattered on the ground in pools of blood amid shredded clothing and shoes after the attack, in which several dozen people were also wounded.

This scene is anything but new. It is the only scene indelibly etched in the minds of the millions who have been at the receiving end of this civilized, Enlightened entity. And as those scenes keep screaming out, periodically, for the whole world to see, the myth of the humane army continues to speak more of the ingrained racism of those who believe it than it does of the IDF itself.

While waiting for more Enlightenment to drop form the sky, here is a BBC clip from inside al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. Mads Gilbert of the previous post is interviewed here, explaining how much Israel cares about civilian life in Gaza. He speaks “as a foreigner.” Because if you are a Palestinian journalist asking a Palestinian doctor, no one is going to believe a word of it. Even as the scenes continue to scream out what words have no power to say.