I just received this SMS from Norway, originating from a Norwegian doctor working in Gaza:

Takk for all støtte.. De bombet det sentrale grønnsakmarkedet i Gaza by for to timer siden. 80 skadde, 20 drept, alt kom hit til Shifa. Hades! Vi vasser i død, blod og amputater. Masse barn. Gravid kvinne. Jeg har aldri opplevd noe så fryktelig. Nå hører vi tanks. Fortell videre, send videre, rop det videre. Alt. GJØR NOE! GJØR MER! Vi lever i historieboka nå, alle. Mads G. 3.1.09 1350, Gaza, Pal.

Thanks for all the support. They bombed the central vegetable market in Gaza City two hours ago. 80 wounded, 20 killed, all came here to Shifa. Hades! We are wading in death, blood, and amputees. Many children. Pregnant woman. I have never experienced anything so terrible. Now we hear tanks. Pass it on, send it on, shout it on. Everything. DO SOMETHING! DO MORE! We are living in history books now, all of us. Mads G. 3.1.09 1:50PM, Gaza, Pal.

Mads Gilbert is Professor of Emergency Medicine at Tromsø University Hospital, Norway. He has been allowed into Gaza with his colleague Erik Fosse on New Year’s Eve to provide medical help at Shifa Hospital.  Gilbert has been working in beleaguered areas since the 1970’s, including Lebanon, Afghanistan, Burma, Kambodsja, Kurdistan, Angola, and Nepal. He has appeared on Norwegian TV regularly the past week commenting on the situation in Gaza.