That is how Walid Jumblat resolved the issue in his press conference last night, by recognizing that the telecommuncations network is important to the work of “the resistance,” as he now calls Hizballah. You can hear the entire press conference at elnashra (Note: To Jumblat, as to his father before him, the mountain is a sensitive spot, and it is very obvious in this press conference.)

Beirut and the mountain have quitened down, so has the north after a rough night. Hizballah has opened Pandora’x box and let slip out all the monstrosities of war. They have apparently paid a gruesome price for it too, as two of their fighters have been knived and their bodies mutilated by Jumblat’s men (he assumed full responsibility for that – if true – in the press conference).

Now Wi’am Wahhab is out spewing menacing statements and the SSNP has issued an open threat to Hariri and Sanioura accusing their followers of gruesome acts in Halba (hat tip Tantalus). The open letter warns that if the perpetrators are not handed over, Hariri and Sanioura will be held personally accountable, regardless of any wider political settlement in Lebanon.

You can ask Riad al-Solh and Bashir al-Jumayyil. The sentence of the people was carried out against them by everyday SSNP members and without the need for a decision from the central party apparatus.

Remarkable how easily we slip back into old habits. How easy is it to slip out?